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River Krka

Running water


Fishing zone

Type Area Surface Lenght Depth
River Krka Running water From the source to the border with NP Krka 11,6 ha 5,1 km ///

About the river Krka

The river Krka springs near Knin, at the foot of the 22-meter Topoljski Buk or Krčić, which is created by a tributary of the river Krka - Krčić, which dries up in summer. The total length of the river, with the submerged part of the mouth, is 72.5 km, of which 49 km is a freshwater watercourse and 23.5 km is a bocce. There are 7 waterfalls on the river Krka, namely: Bilušića buk (22.4 m high), Brljan or Ćorića buk (15.5 m), Manojlovac (32.2 m), Rošnjak (8.4 m), Miljacka 23.8m), Roški slap (25.5m) and Skradinski buk (45.7m). On the river there is also Visovac Lake where the island of Visovac with the Franciscan monastery is located. Downstream from Skradin, Krk spreads into Prokljansko Lake. It flows into the sea near Šibenik. Its course 2 km downstream from Knin to Skradin has been declared a National Park of 111 square km.

River Krka WEATHER